bringing ofo to your city

ofo strengthens communities via sustainable urban travel – with zero cost for local government.

zero investment required

ofo maintains the bikes and supports riders. With no docking stations taking up valuable parking space, any city can now provide its citizens a bike share program at virtually zero cost.

give your city the gift of bike share

filling the gaps

It isn't just about "last mile" commuting – ofo expands your metro area perimeter, and fills in the service gaps that mass transit hasn't been able to serve.

mobility for all

People shouldn't have to struggle to get to work or school because of where they live. ofo is a step towards social equality and inclusion for any city that adopts it.

an economic boost

Research has shown that bike share programs have a positive impact on property values. With citizens spending less time commuting, and the added cultural capital of being known as a proactive, green city, ofo's economic impact is substantial.

safety first

Every ofo city has a full-time maintenance team to manage, inspect, and repair bikes. We've performed hundreds of thousands of hardware inspections to ensure the safest ride in your city.

a smaller carbon footprint

Every mile travelled by bike lowers carbon emissions by .77 lbs (as compared to driving). To date, ofo riders have reduced aggregate carbon emissions by over 13,500 tons.

give your city the gift of bike share